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Athletix Academy

Who we are

Athletix Academy Inc was established in 2017 as a platform to promote intentional cross-training programs to educate and empower athletes.

Originally founded by Paria Mirazimi and Naomi Zahler, Ceilidh Degano took over the company in 2023. Her professional experience with Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Mindfulness, Strength and Conditioning, makes her integrated programming unique, like no other.

What We Are About

  • We offer cross-training programs that focus on flexibility, mobility and resistance training for athletes. 
  • Our programs are designed to improve coordination, balance, agility, proprioception, posture and alignment.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for movement is to train your body from the inside out. We hope to encourage students to sense and perceive the inner workings of their body in motion so they feel focused and aligned when moving.

Learn More/Our Work

Our approach to teaching is to educate students about the hows and whys of movement. We encourage a growth mind-set that values the learning process in order to achieve one’s goals.  We offer a learning environment that is structured and explorative.  Our approach is multidimensional and integrates different modalities such as Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Somatic Exercise Therapy, Mindfulness, Strength and Conditioning.

Why Flexibility

Flexibility in the fitness industry is often referred to the range of motion in any given joint(s). 

This theory has been challenged with growing science based evidence from Thomas Meyers and others, on the topic of fascial networks and global ease in motion. 

Our programs offer a multi-dimensional and integrated approach towards stretch exercise that includes breath-work, joint mobility, dynamic flow, resisted stretch, and passive release to improve overall flexibility and mobility.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a continuous network of connective tissue that contains and integrates with our organs, blood vessels, bones, nerve fibres and muscles.

When any area of fascia is tight, movement along the path of that net can be restricted. Therefore it is beneficial to focus on improving the over-all health of your fascial system to optimize your flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and muscle endurance. 

We hold a great passion for the human condition as it pertains to healthy movement patterns and self-evolution.

We want to empower people with knowledge of how the human body moves and offer them support toward individual goals.

Olivia & Ron

Our son is a competitive gymnast competing at the provincial level. We hired Ceilidh to provide additional training to support our son's growth in this sport.  She has developed a specific/specialized program for injury prevention for the wrists, knees, and rotator...

Emily H

Ceilidh has been teaching my three daughters in some capacity for the past 13 years, but most recently as a body conditioning coach with Athletix Academy. Competitive dance has put a significant amount of strain on my daughters’ young bodies, and I’m so appreciative...

Alex L

Athletix Academy has done wonders for our studio. Ceilidh is knowledgeable, kind and explains the work in a way our students can grasp & apply.She takes the time to understand the goals of our dancers and develops a comprehensive plan to help them achieve those...

Rebecca S & Natalie S

Our dance studio Dynamic Dance Company Inc. has had the pleasure of welcoming Athletix into our dance family and it was one of the best decisions we have made for our dancers. We had them work with our competitive dancers throughout the summer, as well as through the...

Nicole K

Athletix Academy has done wonders for my body in terms of mobility, range, and functionality. Coming from an athletic background in rhythmic gymnastics, my body often feels tight, affecting my alignment and causing pain in my day-to-day moving. Athletix programming...

Jennie Geleff

I have been taking Athletix's online classes since their inception and they have continually served as a welcoming and inspiring place to stay connected to my body from home. I love how each teacher encourages you to be curious and to use exploratory movement as a...


The extensive knowledge of the human body and functional anatomy in the Athletix Academy clinics provide an essential level of education for our students. Their dedication to detail and passion for what they do is consistent. They have been a welcome addition to our...


We would highly recommend the Athletix Academy to any athlete who wishes to supplement their training and enhance their body's overall strength. Our daughter, a competitive dancer at Elite Danceworx, has been working with the Athletix Academy for the past year and her...

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