Athletix Private

Our private training is offered in local studio space or online via Zoom.  Every private session begins with a consultation that will include a biomechanics assessment and a goal based program. Privates can be booked as a single(1-1) or semi (2-1) sessions. Our small group private sessions run as 4-8 week pre-registered programs. All of our movement sessions involve an integrated and holistic approach towards cross-training. Modalities we pull from include but are not limited to; Yoga, Pilates, Functional Range Systems, Somatic Movement Therapies, Mindfulness and Weight Training. The advantage of private training is to receive custom programming to meet personal goals, direct alignment cues and reminders, and a trusted environment for growth and learning.


Work privately with an Athletix team member to help achieve your exercise goals.

Online or In-Person Experience
Single, Semi & Small Group Sessions
Integrated Approach to Cross-Training
Custom Programming


My daughter has been working with an Athletix Academy team member for 1 year. I have seen so much improvement in her flexibility, overall technique and most important to me, her confidence! Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your student base?

Our classes are applicable to all humans. Programs are designed to target Teachers, Adult Practitioners and High Intensity Athletes.

Where are you located?

Our local community classes are in the Toronto, Ontario,  GTA area.

How do you accept payment?

All transactions are done online through our website platform. 

What do you offer?

We offer a multidisciplinary approach towards cross-training. We value the inclusion of Exercise Science, Somatic Therapies and Functional Training  for the purpose of educating every mover in their bodies.

Are you affiliated with any specific teaching alliance for your continued learning programs?

As a company we believe teachers are independently responsible for their accountability in growth and evolution. At Athletix our movement practices are a complete integration of various styles, modalities, and philosophies of exercise, as such, we choose not to affiliate ourselves with any specific organizations and alliances trying to regulate movement instructors.