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Get the movement your body craves with a mix of on demand videos and weekly live virtual classes, both designed to keep you moving and feeling healthy. Our classes will leave you challenged and rehabilitated with our holistic approach to support you in your everyday life. Find balance in your week with our weekly classes.

Athletix Strength: Feel your shakes. Mindful strength training that uses your full body to promote coordination, balance, and functional support in your everyday life.

Athletix Release: Rest and stretch your stresses away. Feel restored in this combined approach toward myofascial release, yoga therapy and mindfulness.

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How it Works

After choosing which membership option you'd prefer, you'll immediately have access to our library of on-demand videos and live virtual class schedule so you can start training with us right away. 

Our On-Demand videos range in length from 5 -15 minutes short-practices to 40-70 minute full-length classes with a wide range of styles, focuses, intensities and modals. We have 4 different categories to choose from; Athletix Education, Athletix Conditioning, Athletix Release and Athletix Wellness.

Our Live Virtual Classes are scheduled 3-4 times per week and are drop-in style classes that cover the same four categories as above. You would head over to the Schedule section of the membership platform and choose which class you'd like to participate in. Once chosen, you'll find the link to access the Zoom class and join in.

There are classes for every level of athlete which means more insight and tips that you can learn and use in your practice. You can always reach out to our support team for any questions or concerns with using the platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is your student base?

Our classes are applicable to all humans. Programs are designed to target Teachers, Adult Practitioners and High Intensity Athletes.

Where are you located?

Our local community classes are in the Toronto, Ontario,  GTA area.

How do you accept payment?

All transactions are done online through our website platform. 

What do you offer?

We offer a multidisciplinary approach towards cross-training. We value the inclusion of Exercise Science, Somatic Therapies and Functional Training  for the purpose of educating every mover in their bodies.

Are you affiliated with any specific teaching alliance for your continued learning programs?

As a company we believe teachers are independently responsible for their accountability in growth and evolution. At Athletix our movement practices are a complete integration of various styles, modalities, and philosophies of exercise, as such, we choose not to affiliate ourselves with any specific organizations and alliances trying to regulate movement instructors.

Lauren S

Hi Naomi and Paria. I wanted to share a quick shout out to you ladies for your incredible, unique, and affective ways in helping our athletes. I can really see an overall improvement in their movement and posture. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication....

Michelle H

I recently participated in Athletix Academy’s Foundation Teacher Workshop. It was an incredible foundational course to introduce instructors to basic anatomical terminology, fascial chains, postural analysis & movement exercises. Paria & Naomi will leave you...

Josh G

I recently participated in the Release and Flow Series offered by Athletix Academy. It was just what I needed to help my lower back.  Paria and Naomi were very clear and concise with their instruction. I appreciated their diligence watching us perform the moves to...

Nicole K

Athletix Academy has done wonders for my body in terms of mobility, range, and functionality. Coming from an athletic background in rhythmic gymnastics, my body often feels tight, affecting my alignment and causing pain in my day-to-day moving. Athletix programming...

Jennie Geleff

I have been taking Athletix's online classes since their inception and they have continually served as a welcoming and inspiring place to stay connected to my body from home. I love how each teacher encourages you to be curious and to use exploratory movement as a...

Emily Grillo

The team at Athletix Academy is truly amazing. Classes are focused on accessible movement and education, so I can really understand each pose and how my body moves. Paria and Naomi's ability make cues and transitions seamless while connecting with each practitioner...


My daughter has been working with an Athletix Academy team member for 1 year. I have seen so much improvement in her flexibility, overall technique and most important to me, her confidence! Thank you!


The extensive knowledge of the human body and functional anatomy in the Athletix Academy clinics provide an essential level of education for our students. Their dedication to detail and passion for what they do is consistent. They have been a welcome addition to our...


We would highly recommend the Athletix Academy to any athlete who wishes to supplement their training and enhance their body's overall strength. Our daughter, a competitive dancer at Elite Danceworx, has been working with the Athletix Academy for the past year and her...


Thanks again for all that you and Naomi do. Girls have definitely benefited from all your strength-training classes. They have been injury-free all season.

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