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Cross Training for Artistic Athletes

Athletix Cross Training for Artistic Athletes is a multi-disciplinary approach using various methodologies such as: Yoga, Pilates, Strength & Conditioning, Acrobatics, Movement Therapy and  Exercise Science.

Recovery Training

As athletes, we must take care of ourselves! We encourage our artistic athletes to practice muscle recovery for the purpose of increasing mobility and releasing tension in the body. Learn ways to maintain healthy muscles and connective tissues with this introduction to myofascial therapy and trigger-point self massage.

Posture Analysis & Alignment

When we understand postural alignment out body is able to move evenly and distribute weight appropriately students will learn about musculoskeletal system to help them perform at their best and reduce risks on injury.

Injury Prevention

High performance athletes make a choice to place a lot of demand on their body. In this tutorial clinic, we identify the most common injuries for dancers and how to assess discomfort, posture and movement patterns. Tools will be offered to help encourage self-awareness. We want young athlete’s to train smart, with a sense of responsibility for their own body and progress.


Students will learn the role food has on athleticism while developing an understanding of what, when and how to eat and drink to help them perform their best.

Sport Psychology

Mind over matter! Psychological training is just as important as physical training. This tutorial clinic will teach important strategies of goal setting, concentration and anxiety management for dancers and athletes.