We are excited to introduce


We have worked in partnership with Halfmoon and the amazing team at Mindful Collective Co. to design this innovative, functional resistance band. Our team at Athletix Academy Inc. have always advocated the use of exercise props and small equipment to enhance any movement practice.

The use for external props in exercise can help students:
Improve alignment

Build posture endurance

Progress load safely

Prevent Injury through joint support

Assist with mobility and flexibility development

Enhance coordination and proprioception

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Designed with movement in mind

The Essential Alignment Band was designed in partnership with Halfmoon as a versatile exercise prop to be used in any movement practice. This exclusive 7 ft long design features loops of various sizes and a skin friendly fabric to accommodate all bodies.


Keep it long or fold it in half to play with tension.


Use it to specify support or increase challenge in any pose or exercise.


The options are endless with Essential Alignment Band!


Access short or long ranges of motion with multiple body wrap options.

We love to use resistance to challenge and support our students. Resistance training involves any exercise that requires muscles to work against weight or force. This may include free weights, resistance bands, weight machines and/or gravity. Resistance training has been proven to improve bone density, decrease risks of injury and help people build overall strength and flexibility.

Our team at Athletix Academy Inc. favours the use of resistance bands and bodyweight exercises in our training programs to help students coordinate and be aware of a push and pull effort involved in every exercise. This dual focus toward stabilization before mobilization helps prioritize one’s core strength and full body function in all movements.

Our love for resistance training and passion for exercise props, birthed a dream for a resistance band to rival all others. In our collaboration with Halfmoon and their trust in our vision THE ESSENTIAL ALIGNMENT BAND became a reality.


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